If you weren't already planning on seeing Gary Numan's October 26th performance at Metro, you now have an even bigger incentive to get your tickets. Recoil, the musical project established by ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, has just been added to the lineup.

Recoil, an electronic experimental act established by Wilder in the '80's, is a definite departure from the traditionally pop-oriented sound of Depeche Mode. As Recoil, Wilder releases many recordings, but typically never leaves the studio to perform. That's exactly what makes his most recent 'Selected' Events Tour, in support of his new album (also titled Selected) so unique. Though the 'Selected' Events Tour has already featured shows worldwide, Recoil's stop at Metro will likely be the only collaboration with Numan, which makes this performance a unique not-to-miss experience.